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'Shift the What If'

Research shows humans are more inclined to focus on the negative.

When we think of 'What If,' we often are stuck in the problem or challenge.

This holds us back from moving forward.

Flip the script. 'Shift the What If.'

In an instant, you can completely shift your ability to find greater awareness, leading you directly to solutions and opportunities.

It boosts your MOJO to get you moving, and Get Your Shine.

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MOJO, the secret ingredient to success.
Here's what AJ uses to guide you.


This proven process combines science-backed techniques with customized tools and has been applied to companies, leaders and teams to engage untapped imagination and boost MOJO.


The Imagination Method™ will helps you, your team, and your organization to think BIGGER and activate ideas into action so you can make any goal shine. This happens through a process called  Get UP:

  • Unlock Perception through clarity of vision

  • Unblock Potential through influencing with intention

  • Find Ultimate Perspective through creating exceptional experiences 

  • Discover Unintentional Perfection through perseverance

Free Download: The 4 Awarenesses of the Imagination Method™

Drive higher performance

Here's how you do it

The heart of your organization is your people. Ignite their imaginations using 30+ years of science and research on the intelligence of heart. Learning the science around the heart’s “brain” will help your team use the heart and mind together to unleash untapped imagination and reach greater outcomes. 


using the science of the heart


Turn feelings into function:



Learn how to move from depleting emotions to renewing emotions such as optimism, hope and willingness. Accessing these emotions is supported by activated imagination. They super-charge the energy of our teams and help us reach potential and then some. Through the Imagination Method™, you and your team learn to support critical aspects of transformation, including: alignment on vision, stronger influence on others, powerful experiences and resiliency.

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 12.05.46 PM.png

Develop a Strategic Vision Guide

From internal communications strategies to leadership team manifestos to individual vision maps, these guides help motivate for months to come. Strategic Vision Guides are developed in partnership with AJ in numerous ways. They might be a final deliverable for a consulting project, a self-created guide using a template during an employee engagement session, or a snapshot of what's been uncovered during a brainstorm. Their creativity and personalized approach help ignite MOJO to find success.

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